2nd-5th Grade

Kids for Christ

Kids for Christ includes 2nd-5th grades and meets every 3rd Sunday from 5-6:30pm

KFC is looking for kids who want to have fun and learn about the Bible! They teach the kids how the Ten Commandments apply to their lives, who the disciples were and more. They feed the kids a meal (celebrate birthdays for that month), present a lesson and still have time for play so the kids can get to know each other.

6th-8th Grades

Junior Youth

Junior Youth includes 6th-8th grade students and meets most Sunday evenings from 5-6:30pm

Junior High is an exciting and difficult time in a kid’s life. Everything about their world is changing. It’s helpful to have a group of people who, sharing the same faith foundation, can be friends and supporters. During our weekly gatherings we always study God’s Word, play games and have fun. We also have occasional off-site adventures and service opportunities. We have participated in the Lexington Rescue Mission’s Walk for Warmth, raked leaves for church members and volunteered at the Hope Lodge.

9th-12th Grades

Senior Youth

Includes 9th-12th grade students and meets most Sunday nights from 6-8pm

High schoolers are in a time of preparation for adulthood that allows more freedom, but requires more wisdom. It’s the perfect time to be bonding with other youth around their shared faith in Christ, and building on that faith through study and activities. Aside from meeting weekly on Sunday nights, Senior Youth also has overnight retreats, team building courses, service projects and an annual summer trip. Every three years the group participates in the LCMS Youth Gathering, joining tens of thousands of other Lutheran young people in a major American city.

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