We take an offering every Sunday in support of the work of God’s church. As believers, we respond to God’s great love to us by returning some of what He has given us for the work of His kingdom. It is perfectly fine if you choose to get to know us a little better before putting anything in the plate. What you give and who you entrust it to, is a matter between you and God.

Donations to St. John's can be made by check (in the offering plate or by mail) or cash (in the offering plate). If you would like envelopes so that we can track your giving for tax purposes, contact the office. If you would like to give electronically, use the links below. All donations of this kind will be tracked together with plate offerings for your tax deductible giving statements.

Giving at St. John's

St. John’s has partnered with Proverbs Payments to offer electronic giving, and Simplified Giving is our platform for this. Electronic giving does come with a varying expense. The form does allow you to increase your gift to cover that expense. If you would like to give this way and minimize the expense, use your Debit card.