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May 26th Update on Coronavirus Precautions

Dear Members of St. John’s,

Our life in the Lord rests in His abundant grace and abiding love.  They are assurance for us in every season of life, including the present one.

Praise God for the blessing of in-person worship for the last two Sundays! We continue to listen to feedback from our members, and as we do this, we continue to work on removing barriers to attendance while maintaining safety. Everyone seems to agree that maintaining proper social distancing, eliminating touchpoints, practicing good hygiene, and cleaning surfaces thoroughly and frequently are the primary means of safety.

However, when it comes to the use of masks, there are differing views. We’re not here to make a judgment on any of this. What we don’t want is for something like this to be a barrier to worshiping your Savior. In-person worship is important for all of us. So we’re going to try a slightly different worship arrangement temporarily starting in June. This will give members the option to choose while we manage through this period of uncertainty. Starting on Sunday, June 7th, we’re modifying our in-person worship as follows. And, as we’ve stated before, if you feel sick or feel more vulnerable due to age or an underlying condition, please stay home.

8:00 am: “Mask Optional” Service    

9:15 am: WiFi Communion in Narthex

                               Sanctuary surfaces disinfected for 10:30 Service

10:30 am: “Mask Required” Service

For those unable to attend in-person, we will live stream the 10:30 service and tape it for viewing. It will be posted after the 10:30 service. 

Regarding our Care Team, volunteers have been helping members with a variety of tasks. If you feel called to help others by visiting, calling, or just doing simple shopping tasks for those unable to do so, please let Lisa Walraven know at office@stjohnslexington.org.            

Praise God for your faithful contributions to St. John’s. With multiple options to worship, we’re also offering multiple options to give to meet our financial obligations and outreach support. You may drop off your offering at the in-person service, at WiFi communion, mail your check directly to St. John’s, or give online through the electronic giving section of our website at https://stjohnslexington.org/worship/electronic-giving/. Thank you for your support!

As we continue to traverse the present we are, as God’s people, firmly rooted, through our Savior, in His life.  As such, we can be certain we are held in His arms, protected by His power, and safe as His children.  That is our day to day confidence.

Living in Jesus with you,

Pastor B.