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Church Council

The main authority in the church is the Voters’ Assembly. In order to be a voting member you must be 18 years of age, declare your acceptance of the constitution and by-laws and be accepted by a majority of the Voters’ Assembly. The Voters’ Assembly makes major decisions about operations of the congregation such as the yearly budget, calling of the pastors, election of congregational officers and building projects. Voters’ Assemblies are normally held twice each year; however, special sessions may be called at any time.

The Church Council also functions as the governing board and takes care of normal operations of the church. The church council consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, a chairperson from each of the boards and the pastors who serve as ex-officio members for advice to the council. The president of the congregation serves as chairman of the council and the Voters’ Assembly.

The Church Council meets monthly and is open to attendance by any member of the congregation. Ordinary activity of the church council is: a review of the last month’s financial reports and reports from the chairman of each board about the work of that board and any planning for programs of the church.